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  • Will airdrop 100 CPS(€10) coins to all current users, as well as new signups on the platform until August 1st, 2018 (€10 value).

    12 June 2018 ( #airdrop, #bitcoin, #crypto, #gifts, #freecoin )

    Affiliates: As an added bonus to all affiliate marketers, 25% of transaction fees collected from the referred user will be awarded to the affiliate marketer for the lifetime of the affiliate marketer’s account. This will include the following: Merchant...

  • Sphere 100 tokens - 5$

    27 January 2018

    Join our upcoming Initial Coin Offering Project It is the next social network on the block, which is still at the development stage and started by ICO. How much this social network will be popular in the future is hard to say for now, but the distribution...

  • CoinPennant To pick up your 50 tokens.

    28 January 2018

    CoinPennant is your tool to manage, track and analyse your crypto assets. CoinPennant will also automatically perform and evaluate chart patterns and trigger signals to the subscribers. Social network for traders on blockhouse can quite loudly declare...

  • DEEX

    28 January 2018

    DEEX - a decentralized exchange for the trade in crypto-currencies. Among the developers of the platform are well-known in the blockbuster industry, so expect that the project is not just a dummy. While the exchange is at the start of its work, we are...

  • WCX - 50 tokens

    28 January 2018

    Stop putting up with lousy exchanges. WCX offers a professional trading experience and up to 10 times lower fees. free distribution of tokens launched and a new crypto exchange based on the blockbuster WCX. The platform offers to perform operations with...

  • $ 200 for registration.

    14 February 2018

    When you're not using your money, our community helps you to earn profit. You're paid daily. $ 200 for registration, you should create two passwords for the account, then go through the procedure verification of passports 2 stages .